Monday, 1 December 2014

Golf Course in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the few destinations in South East Asia where golf remains accessible, unlike Japan and China where demand for golf has pushed green fees sky high. You can enjoy a round of golf surrounded by the cool hills or tea plantations or alternatively head down to the fringes of the South China Sea in this country of over 200 golf courses.
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Golf Trick Shots

The Bryans, George IV and Wesley, are professional golfers who aspire to earn spots on the PGA Tour. In the meantime – their spare time – they have attained at least semi-rockstar status with their trick-short artistry that has gone viral on the Internet.
“Trick shots” is not exactly right. What the Bryans perform in their videos are real golf shots – in a different form. George, who calls himself the set-up guy, gets the ball to his brother in one way or another and Wesley does the rest.


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Sumbangan KGUTM Dalam Tabung Endownmen UTM

Kelab Golf UTM telah menyerahkan replika cek kepada Tabung Endownmen UTM sebanyak RM15,000 melalui YDP KGUTM dan YBhg. Datuk Naib Canselor UTM dalam Perhimpunan Bulanan Staf 1 Disember 2014 di Dewan Sultan Iskandar (DSI) UTM pagi tadi.

(source: Secretary KGUTM)